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Authentic Relating Circle w/Christine Kenline

Authentic Relating Circle w/Christine Kenline

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Cultivate deeper, more genuine relationships in your life! Let's gather together to share in deepening our connections with one another through this relational meditation practice. As we gather in a circle to practice communication, connection, and being in community, some of the skills we will work on as a group are:

Here-and-Now Awareness. Begin noticing where your mind is when you are connecting with those around you. Is your mind in the past or future? Are you thinking about what you're going to say next instead of listening to what is being said right now?

Present Moment Sensations. What sensations do you notice within yourself? What does this tell you about yourself, others, and your environment? How can you learn to trust your inner wisdom?

All Emotions + Energy is Welcome. Learn to be with all emotions that are present - sadness, anger, joy, love.. They are valuable. How can you share your emotions from a place of intention, vulnerability, openness, trust, and respect even, when there is conflict or differences?

- Be Curious. Hold space for yourself and others as they share. Be curious about your body sensations, thoughts, and emotions as you actively listen. Ask questions, reflect what you notice when others share, keep observing.

- Take Ownership. What you experience is perceived through your own unique lens based on your history, lived experiences, introjects,  and meaning-making of what you see. Own your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors without projecting, blaming, or passing judgment on yourself or others.


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Dates & Time

Wednesday, February 7, 2024. 6:30pm - 8pm

What to Bring

Journal for taking notes, an open mind and maybe a floor cushion if you get tired of sitting in chairs for an hour.

Teacher Bio

I'm a multi-passionate woman. I’ve lived in multiple cities around the world. I’m a wanderer at heart with an adventurous and curious spirit. Traveling and experiencing multiple cultures has expanded my awareness while building deep connections with others. My explorations have informed who I am and how I show up in this world as my authentic self.

Nature and my need to find a deeper connection with it is what brought me to Bend. I have felt myself continuing to expand toward my truest expression as I play in the woods, learn from the plants I work with, and experiment with how I can share this wisdom with others.

I have felt called to multiple vocations in my life as an interior designer, business strategist, yoga teacher, yoga therapist, bartender, maker, herbal enthusiast, business owner, and I’m currently on the path toward becoming a mindfulness-based transpersonal therapist. I believe it’s my destiny to explore multiple pursuits as my unique life experiences have inspired the creative offerings I share with others.


1841 NE Division Street #150, Shared building with Summer's Flooring

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