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Thursday December 8, 2022: Holiday Crystal Bowl Sound Bath w/Ezra Alya               ***PLEASE PURCHASE THROUGH EVENTBRITE LINK******
Thursday December 8, 2022: Holiday Crystal Bowl Sound Bath w/Ezra Alya               ***PLEASE PURCHASE THROUGH EVENTBRITE LINK******

Thursday December 8, 2022: Holiday Crystal Bowl Sound Bath w/Ezra Alya ***PLEASE PURCHASE THROUGH EVENTBRITE LINK******

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**DO NOT purchase your ticket on our website - please use Eventbrite Link HERE*

Soothing Crystal Bowl Sound Bath to Ease Holiday Stressors


Are you ready to destress and re center yourself this holiday season?

Putting all the holiday craziness to the side for just an hour of YOU time?

I hope you answered YES...because I defiantly am!

The holidays are a stressful, and I wanted to offer something special to the community to assist in relaxing, and re centering oneself.  Put down the holiday wrapping, baking, and cleaning. Gift yourself a little bit of self care and self love in the form of a sound bath experience.


This event will be an evening filled with community, tea, sound healing, and conversation. All for a donation based ticket price (suggested donation rage $20-$40).


Sound Baths may assist your physical body and emotional body in stress relief, better sleep, improved mood, deeper relaxation, heightening focus and energy, as well as providing a feeling of rejuvenation. Hi, I'm Sirah, and I play7 chakra colored, quartz crystal singing bowls to produce harmonious fairy like sounds. While "singing", these bowls produce the perfect healing frequencies in 432 Hz allowing you to deepen your experience and reconnect with yourself higher self.  Sound baths assist your brain in moving into Alpha (relaxed brain state), Theta (deep relaxation), or even Delta (sleepy time ) brain states, leaving you with that "just meditated feeling" of calm and peace.


We have space at this event for 10 beautiful souls. I will open up the waitlist so even if the event is full, be sure to put your name down. You never know what the universe has planned for you?!


What to bring- Wear something comfortable, and please bring a yoga mat, blankets, pillow, whatever you need to make yourself a comfortable little snuggle spot (the floor in the shop is concrete), a journal, pen, and water.


WHEN: Thursday December 8th

TIME: 6:30pm - 8pm

COST: Suggested Donation $20 - $40


*No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. Please contact the shop if you would like to reserve a spot and are unable to pay the full price.

 Class fees are non-refundable nor able to be used for other classes offered.  Thank you for your understanding.


About Ezra Alya:

I have been a student of Energy Healing techniques since 2015. I have studied: crystal energy, meditation, Goddess energy, space clearing and maintenance, chakra centers, energy sensitivity (Empath's), golden light therapy, sound healing, energetic DNA restructuring, energy cording, astral projection, and rights of passage work. I hold a Reiki 1 and 2 certification, Sound Therapy and Healing Certificate, I am a Priestess of this New Golden Age, and an Ordained Minister in the state of Oregon. 

I am, and have always been energetically open to those subtle forces that our human eyes can not see. Crystal energy has always called to me and I know that in some form, I will always be working with it. I took the leap during the pandemic and purchased a set of 7 chakra colored quartz crystal singing bowls. It was the start of my new life filled with sound baths, sound healing, and sound therapy. Every time I play, my own spirit heals, and my heart is filled with joy. I feel very lucky, and honored to create this experience for others. 

Ezra means “The Helper” and Alya means “towards the path of light.” I am simply a helper on your own journey towards the light. Namaste

Learn more about Sirah here!