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Wednesday June 8, 2022: Words of Power w/Cinnamon Rose
Wednesday June 8, 2022: Words of Power w/Cinnamon Rose

Wednesday June 8, 2022: Words of Power w/Cinnamon Rose

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Words (and thoughts) are quite literally how we create our reality.  We are master magicians who've forgotten the power we wield!

In this 90 min class we will learn what words of power truly are, and how to consciously use them on our own behalf to help us create what we actually want in our lives.

If you've found your intentions, prayers, blessings, spells, affirmations, conversations, written words, and even your thoughts to be lackluster, looping, and not getting the results you want, this class will help you understand why and what changes need to be made.  (Hint: a lot of this is a result of limited beliefs operating in our subconscious, and a lack of exposure to words that carry the frequencies we need to consciously create.)

We will go over;
a) what power words are (and feel like)
b) where they come from
c) how to find and recognize them, and when to recognize the words you are using need an upgrade
d) when to use them
e) how to use them
f) ethical use of power words (and spells)

We will spend some time refining an intention during class, so bring one with you to work on. 

Where: The Peoples Apothecary

When: Wednesday, June 8th

Time: 5:30pm - 7pm

Cost:  $55

Please bring something to take notes with!

Contact us at the shop or email to be put on a waiting list if the class fills up!!

*No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. Please contact the shop if you would like to reserve a spot and are unable to pay the full price.

About Cinnamon:
Cinnamon Rose is a Mentor and Guide, coaching others through the challenges of life.  She addresses the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers of the issue at hand, providing a holistic understanding and prescription for healing what needs healed so we may all learn to stand in our own power and Sovereignty.

Teacher of Sovereignty & Self Healing
Energy Practices & Self-care
Spiritual Mentoring & Intuitive Guidance
In rhythm with the Earth & Sky

For any questions about the Empowering Energy Practices course, please email Cinnamon at cinnamon@priestesswarriorlover.com
Find out more about her background and her offerings visit PriestessWarriorLover.com
Instagram: here
If you’d like to book a mentoring session, her scheduling page is here: