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The Planner Designed by Doctors to Enhance Your Life

The Planner Designed by Doctors to Enhance Your Life

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Personal Development

  • AM/PM routine in weekly layout
  • Weekly space for affirmation
  • Guided reflections, specifically designed to help amplify your life’s direction and purpose. Including:
    • “A clear vision” – To guide you in crafting a vision based on your values
    • “A Full Life” – To analyze your life in 8 different areas and create actionable steps towards improvement
    • “Life Plan” – This is a place to help you reverse engineer your life, starting with the big picture and zooming in on the details to make sure they are in line with your vision.
  • Daily space for your top tasks/goals “Rise”
  • Daily space for acknowledging your successes “Shine”
  • Dedicated space for weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly review



  • Size: B5 (6.9 x 9.8 in)
  • Pages: Approximately 350 pages
  • 12 months, dated, January to December
  • Dot grid paper


Organization / Productivity

  • Year at Glance
  • 12-month future log with space for year planning
  • Project Goals (Monthly)
  • Project Tasks (Weekly)
  • Weekly Focus (Top 3 tasks for the Week) & Goal planning
  • 1, 3, 5, and 10-year planning – with room to break those down into Quarterly and Monthly goals
  • Monthly tracker for habit formation
  • Index for quick reference to your notes



  • Blank “Create” pages – creative space for journaling, etc.
  • Quotes
  • Quick Start Visual Guide – to Help get you going!

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