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Pixie Lighthorse

Boundaries & Protection HARDCOVER

Boundaries & Protection HARDCOVER

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Boundaries & Protection is Pixie Lighthorse’s fourth book. Guided by the graceful, territorial, fiercely protective spirit of Mountain Lion, Lighthorse takes us on a healing journey through our developmental lacks and traumas to find the unique medicine in each situation. Gently but firmly, she also guides us to recognize where we have violated others’ boundaries, to grow our humility, and to make amends.

This is a book for deepening our relationships and intimacies, for developing vitality. Where our boundaries were violated as children, where our caregivers did not adequately protect us, we may unconsciously be living out the same patterns in the present and perpetuating them into the future. This book helps us to see those imprints, and gives us the courage to start to change, to advocate for ourselves, and to mend our fences.

With 52 short, powerful chapters on different themes, Boundaries and Protection is designed for journeying. It is meant to be carried as a companion and reread at different seasons of life, its many facets revealing themselves in the fullness of time.

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