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Forest Bathing Shower Gel

Forest Bathing Shower Gel

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[ all skin types ]

When you can’t get out there, bring Nature home. Immerse your senses in the rain-drenched, moss clad forests of the Pacific Northwest where trees form a soothing green canopy.

Forest Bathing, shinrin-yoku: The ritual of connecting with nature and surrounding ourselves with the energy of the natural world to enhance well-being, reduce stress and restore calm.


When humans breathe phytoncides in, they can produce many fabulous benefits inside the body. Some of the responses discovered by science include:

  • Immune response: a 2-hour walk in the forest increases NK cell activity that can last for days
  • Anti-inflammatory: common forest terpenes temper inflammation and reduce oxidative stress
  • Nervous system: forest air creates a relaxation response and lowers nervous system activity
  • Mood enhancing: exposure to forest air reduces cortisol levels and β-pinene has antidepressive properties
  • Sleep: phytoncides like α-pinene enhance sleep
  • Blood glucose: exposure to VOCs can reduce blood glucose levels

Visiting forests on a relatively regular basis can be a good health-promoting practice, since, by reducing stress levels and boosting immune function, it seems capable of diminishing the incidence of stress-related and lifestyle-induced illnesses.


Port Orford Cedarwood Essential Oil helps to soothe skin and is aromatically calming.

Cypress Essential Oil is aromatically calming and grounding.

Aloe Vera is rich in vitamins and minerals and calms, cools and soothes the skin. Ours is organically grown and carefully harvested in the USA.

Jojoba Oil is the closest plant oil to our skin’s own sebum. It’s deeply moisturizing and won’t clog pores. Ours is organically family farmed.

Coconut oil is deeply moisturizing, high in nourishing fatty acids and soothing to the skin. 

Handcrafted in Bend, Oregon 8 fl oz | 240mL


Naturally saponified coconut*, olive* and jojoba oils*, aloe vera gel*, Oregon Douglas Fir hydrosol~, essential oil blend including Oregon Port Orford cedar~, cypress~, fir needle~, oakmoss~ and vetiver~, guar gum (natural thickener), rosemary extract* (antioxidant).
*Certified Organic ~Wild Harvested


Lather up, inhale the fresh aroma, rinse well. Follow with your favorite moisturizer.

Before Consuming

Consult your healthcare provider prior to use if you are pregnant or nursing, taking any medications, or have a medical condition. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

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