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Julie Briley, ND & Courtney Jackson ND

Food As Medicine Everyday; Reclaim Your Health with Whole Foods

Food As Medicine Everyday; Reclaim Your Health with Whole Foods

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"Food as medicine" is a powerful approach to health and healing, intimately woven into naturopathic medical education. Dr. Jackson and Dr. Briley remind us that poor dietary choices are a major element in the exploding issues of chronic disease. What nutrients does the body need for healthy functioning? What foods have these nutrients? When shopping for these foods and preparing them, what strategies are helpful? What is a balanced meal? There are invaluable sections on how to read food labels, on healthy snacks for kids and strategies for converting kids’ unhealthy eating patterns. Mealtime is tasty and uncomplicated with the wonderful recipes provided. Designed for families, the authors are family guides themselves, each with young children and busy professional lives. Food As Medicine Everyday: Reclaim Your Health With Whole Foods is thoroughly researched, beautifully written and elegantly illustrated while serving up a winning combination of information and practical application for the busy modern family.

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