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Jess Weymouth

Beeing One w/Moon Print

Beeing One w/Moon Print

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8" x 10" print of an original watercolor piece. Printed locally on natural white high quality 220gsm 30% recycled paper. 

This particular piece features the incredible Honey Bee 🐝 making a home on our Mother Moon by creating honeycomb in her craters. This piece is a part of a series of collaborations with The Honeybee Conservancy, and 10% of the proceeds will go to supporting them and their work of bee conservation.

This piece is inspired by the healing properties of honey, taking hold on our Mother Moon (who also heals) bringing a sense of earthly nature to Her sphere. Only 1 honeycomb has gold foil, each is unique!

Perfect gift for any honeybee lover, a piece sure to start a conversation and light up a room!

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