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Jess Weymouth

Shroom Moon Print (8"x10")

Shroom Moon Print (8"x10")

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"Shroom Moon"  

8” x 10” print of an original watercolor piece. Printed locally on natural white high quality 220gsm 30% recycled paper. Each 8” x 10” print comes in a clear plastic sealed sleeve and backed with a kraft mat board. Print packaging is 100% recyclable.

Framing is recommended to preserve the quality of the print.


This piece is inspired by the many varieties of mushrooms and fungi I have grown to understand and love over the years. I have been researching and utilizing mushroom medicine (lions mane, reishi, astragalus, etc) for their various health benefits and use historically in natural medicine.

I love the texture and stories behind using mushrooms in our diet and their meanings, this piece was inspired by those thoughts.

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