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Valerie June Hockett

Light Beams: A Workbook for Being Your Badass Self

Light Beams: A Workbook for Being Your Badass Self

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An interactive journal that inspires us to choose a path of kindness and love in every moment, from singer-songwriter and poet Valerie June.

How do we wake up and shine like a badass in a world full of heaviness and darkness? How do we find the joy in the compost of the bullsh*t that we face everyday in this world? Building upon the themes of mindfulness and authentic connection with others and the world around us present in her debut poetry collection, Maps for the Modern WorldLight Beams uses contracts and agreements, self-healing wishes and spells, and maps and prescriptions in exercises that guide readers deeper on their journey of self-love. Each of the instructive prompts is a recipe for cultivating more harmony, healing, and balance within yourself and the planet. These inspiring words and exercises encourage us to become more attuned with nature and to align our inner shine with the cycles of the sun and the moon. 

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