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Moonflower Medicine

Sanctify Lustral Aura Spray

Sanctify Lustral Aura Spray

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Lustral Aura Spray with Ruda & Rose

This sacred smudge spray can be used to purify, cleanse and protect your body, aura, home, car or any dwelling space.

Made of rosewater infused with Mayan Itz, essential oils of rue, rose, angelica, honeysuckle & copal and flower essence of angelica.  Infused with the presence of Ascended Master Amen-Bey and bio-tuned to the Great OM.

An essential product for every metaphysical spiritual practitioner and/or conscious seeker!

Lustral- def. adjective

  1. relating to or used in ceremonial purification.

Mayan Itz- def. noun

  1. the Mayan word for all holy liquids and essences such as dew, semen, blood, holy water, nectar, candle wax, pitch, sap, resin, sweat or tear.

 Amen Bey- Pharaoh of Egypt

Ascended Master - who works closely with Serapis Bey as a brother in the Temple of Luxor as priests of the sacred fire.  He can assist you in preparation for the ascension and in your personal healing journey.

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