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Heng Ou

Nine Golden Months

Nine Golden Months

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NINE GOLDEN MONTHS - The Essential Art of Nourishing the Mother-To-Be
We're expecting! The newest addition to the best-selling book series from the authors of The First Forty Days and Awakening Fertility is available now!

There is so much noise surrounding pregnancy and birth. There are countless books teeming with information—what test does what, the “rights” and “wrongs” of eating, and “safe” or “risky” lifestyle choices—but few that hold a woman through the experience, acting as an elder sister, a matriarch, or a circle of women might hold her—with compassion, non-judgment, and, most of all, wisdom.

To the authors of Nine Golden Months, this is exactly what’s needed now, in an era of high-speed living, endless demands, and more than a little anxiety and fear.

Encouraging mothers-to-be to care for themselves—and not just their babies—during pregnancy

A woman needs to feel connected to others, rooted in the knowledge that many have done this before her, and calmed and fortified by time-honored practices that nourish her body, soothe her mind, and hold up her spirit.

The (still-growing) success of The First Forty Days showed that women are longing to experience the deeper aspects of becoming a mother.

Nine Golden Months shares timeless guidance from the authors’ extraordinary circle of practitioners, guides, and wisdom-keepers specializing in prenatal care; it draws from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, and features rituals and self-sourced wisdom, so that it addresses all aspects of a woman’s pregnancy experience: emotional, mental, physiological, and spiritual.
Nine Golden Months is available from your favorite booksellers as a hardcover or e-book, and makes a meaningful and nourishing gift for the mother-to-be in your life.

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