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Pixie Lighthorse

Prayers Of Honoring

Prayers Of Honoring

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Prayers of Honoring is the original book in Pixie Lighthorse’s prayer trilogy. It offers a way to connect to a power greater than ourselves—to the Source of Life As You Understand It—on our own terms and following our own intuition. With salt and with sweetness, Pixie guides us along gently through word-offerings designed to heal, orient, and fortify. These prayers give sacredness back to everyone, no matter our orientation to the divine, and encourage us to develop a healing intimacy with the natural world.

Organized around the four directions, each direction symbolizes a season, an element, and a set of properties and potentials. The book has a circular structure that mirrors life itself, and that encourages us to return, over and over, as the seasons of our own life change, to find new wisdom and perspective.

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