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Sarah Baldwin

The Herbal Healing Deck

The Herbal Healing Deck

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Get in touch with the power of nature and its abundant helpful herbs. This earthy, mystical deck of 48 oracle cards will help you learn about herbalism and unlock answers to life's many questions. Meet the plant spirits and explore their connections to your personal health journey. Each card features a stunning, visionary depiction of a beneficial plant that will speak to you on a symbolic level to convey the true, archetypal essence of the plant.

From the detailed guidebook, you'll discover how the plant spirits provide deep guidance and wisdom for your life, while also discovering the physiological beneficial uses and metaphysical qualities of each plant. Enjoy learning about useful and sacred herbs, roots, flowers, and trees in this easy divination deck perfect for novices as well as seasoned readers. See how plant spirituality and herbalism can change your life!

About the Author of the Herbalism Deck Tarot Cards

Sarah Baldwin loves sharing the power of nature with others. Her natural wellness and metaphysical articles are featured both online and in print. Ashley Verkamp's illustrations have been published across the globe. She runs a design studio from her ecofriendly straw bale house.

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