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Herbal Posters

Herbal Posters

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Herbal Wisdom: by Brittany Wood Nickerson Illustrations by Chelsea Granger

The Harvesting/Wildcrafting Calendar outlines harvesting times for plants and plant parts based on seasons of the year. This poster is designed to serve as a reminder of bio-regionally available plants and when they are most potent to harvest for food and medicine. Made in the Northeast, but holds relevance for most Norther Hemisphere bioregions. 19 x 13-inch poster (standard frame size).

The Kitchen Medicine Poster includes illustrations of and descriptions for the common uses of 11 well-known culinary herbs. It is a great addition to the home kitchen – helping to inspire folks to use culinary herbs for flavor, nutrition, and medicine in the kitchen and beyond. 19 x 13-inch poster (standard frame size).

Water-based medicines, such as teas and infusions (infusions are longer-steeped, mineral-rich teas), are some of the oldest forms of herbal medicine. In poetic, approachable language, this poster outlines a few of our favorite tea and infusion herbs, inviting you to engage in this age-old tradition by crafting your own blends and brewing your own teas and infusions. 6.5 x 19-inch poster



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