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Vaginal Steam

Vaginal Steam

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Vaginal steams are a lovely way to bring energy, circulation and vibrancy back to the vagina, uterus, cervix, and ovaries.

Through this simple but effective ritual, a vaginal steam provides gentle nourishment and healing to the body and reproductive system.

This herbal steam will support the releasing of stored emotions while opening the heart, relaxing the mind, and enhancing your creative vitality.


Calendula Flower, Comfrey Leaf, Lavender Flower, Rosemary Leaf, Rose Petals


Place 1oz of herbs in 1 quart of boiling water, cover and let steep 15 min. Either squat over or place pot under slotted chair and sit, undressed from the waist down. Wrap blanket around your waist and chair, forcing the steam to rise upward. Relax and breathe for 15-20 min.
Remove yourself immediately if steam becomes too hot.

Before Consuming

Consult your healthcare provider prior to use if you are pregnant or nursing, taking any medications, or have a medical condition. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

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